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I’m Babak Kohan, proud owner of Old Castle Design Center.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

Eleven years ago, I recognized a need in the market for a bespoke design service that specializes in both décor and full renovations. Having over twenty-five years of experience in design and home renovation, I was confident that I could plug the gap. With the aspiration of becoming the best interior design and renovation company in the city of Atlanta and the northern part of Atlanta, I established Old Castle Design Center in April 2008.

Since our inception, our office has reworked and redeveloped the perception of architectural design as well as new methods of building renovation. Through our work, we strive to restore the artistic aspects of architectural design and link it to the community.

Over the past couple of years, our vision and drive to succeed, along with success we were enjoying led us to open a second design studio and showroom at the heart of Atlanta. It is today, the biggest specialty kitchen and bathroom showroom in the state of Georgia.

The secret to our success isn’t revolutionary. However, it has been achievable due to our understanding of our clients’ needs and believing that our clients’ satisfaction is paramount.

We believe that beauty is gained through well-proportioned and gracefully detailed structures and interiors. We work closely with all our clients to clearly understand their needs and desires to translate them into a dream home. All this is possible because we pay immaculate attention to details. Moreover, our honesty, hard work, attention to detail, and our vision for the future ensure that we offer the best architectural and design services to our clients, irrespective of their needs or budget.

I believe inspiration usually comes from daily life; From the area, the architecture, and the Traditions. 

We need a wide knowledge of the architectural atmosphere, of how we perceive it and how we want the final customer to perceive it. I think a big difference between an architect and an interior designer is that an architect perceives a space in a way that’s not only functional but also visionary.

I am always trying to make spaces as recognizable as possible, of easy understanding, so that the client feels they can have an experience in it.

I use products that have soul, essence, and a valuable meaning. I believe that beauty can greatly improve people’s growth. Ethics is what is in compliant with your own ideas, we respect your personality and who you are. It’s the respect for the territory, for people, for places, and traditions.

Luxury is time, that’s for sure. For me it’s having the time to do the things I love, it’s free time you can spend with a person, spend meditating, and thinking. That’s luxury in my opinion.

 Luxury in hotels in resorts…. It is everything able to describe the unforgettable, unique places, the atmosphere… it gives the customer an emotion. That is a luxury for me.

We do several different projects, but we always keep the same project philosophy, our way to proceed and conceptualize is very analytic in the first phase. We analyze every issue. We analyze every problematic relative to the project, to the morphology of the place in order to fit the overall context and understand what the final project will be.

High-end projects need high-quality products. I particularly like a sentence written in my office: ‘’ Details are not details’’. We all work with a manic precision to details when the smallest detail fail the global scheme is not successful. Therefore, we like to consider and work only with companies who produce high-quality products and design. Combining the two is the key to my success.

Normally when I use an object in our project, it isn’t because of its popularity but because of its quality and strong design value.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in architectural designing and remodeling services across the City of Atlanta and the northern part of Atlanta, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at